Our products can be custom-made for domestic, commercial or industrial buildings alike.


We can create any type of window for any type of building. We take into consideration the style that the person is going for, the use and the preferences of the client and provide you with the end result that will exceed expectations.


We are able to create a variety of doors for different kinds of premises. We build doors that will last and will adhere perfectly with the rest of the premises.

Insect Screens

Opening up a window is the only thing you can do in order to let some air inside the house, however, it can be a problem when insects start flying in and annoying you. We provide you with excellent insect screens that will go with the various apertures that you might have. We will ensure that the insect screens are strong and will withstand the harsh weather that apertures have to be submitted to.

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The louvres that we provide you can be made to be fixed or adjustable, depending on what the client prefers. These type of apertures allow air in while still maintaining the shade that one might want within their premises.


We can provide you with various skylights that can create a beautiful effect on the whole building. You can also choose to install walk-on glass to let in more light through a building.

Double Glazing

If you want to make sure that no noise reaches in the indoors of your premises you might want to go for double glazed windows. We provide you with custom-made work that is sure to be strong and will last you a lifetime. We can also provide you with tempered glass as well as customised shower cubicles.